Thursday, October 1, 2009

Then they screw it up...

MALAYSIA, represented by Under-18 boys, lost to Singapore 2-1 in the Sea Cup in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday.
And now, they must beat Thailand B today to qualify for the final, and have a re-match with Singapore.
The Sea Cup is being held in Thailand, as Sea Games Laos is not hosting hockey in December.
“The boys were overconfident and muffed the five panalyy corners with three bad stops, and ballooned the ball several time even though the goal-mouth was empty.
“They became a little big headed, and it cost us the match, However, I am looking forward to pitting the boys against Singapore in the final again, as we need to win the title at all cost,” said Malaysian coach K. Dharmaraj.
Malaysia play Thailand B today and a win will take them into the final on Sunday. It should be an easy match, as Singapore blasted Thailand B 11-0.
The women had a better outing when they beat Thailand A 1-0.
RESULTS: Men -- Thailand A 4 Thailand B 2, Malaysia 1 Singapore 2; Women: Singapore 5 Thailand B 0, Thailand A 0 Malaysia 1.
FIXTURES: Friday: Men -- Thailand B v Malaysia, Singapore v Thai land A; Women: Malaysia v Thailand B.
Sunday: Finals.