Friday, June 12, 2009

FIH stands firm, but Spain hopeful

THE International Hockey Federation (FIH) is unlikely to allow 18 players to be registered from the second round onwards in the ongoing Junior World Cup.

Spain and several other teams are of the opinion that since the Malaysian weather is unpredictable, and nine matches will have to be played in 15 days, the FIH should allow them to register 18, instead of 16 players for matches.
The FIH had allowed 18 players to be registered when Malaysia hosted the 2002 World Cup, and the 2008 Champions Trophy.
"The Junior World Cup cannot be compared with two previous senior tournaments played in Kuala Lumpur where such an exception was made. Firstly the tournament is being played over an extended period of 15 days," wrote FIH Secretary General Peter L. Cohen in his letter to the Spanish HF.
Spain wrote to FIH before this tournament and their request was denied. But they are still hoping that the FIH will change its stand in the second round.
"We cannot understand the reasoning of FIH to not allow all the players to be registered for a match," said Spanish team manager Alejo Noblom.
"We have to play tough matches -- four in the space of five days -- and that puts a lot of strain on the players. One can see that many teams are affected as evident from the injuries they have suffered at the closing stages of a match."
Tournament director Bjorn Isberg said he was bound by the decision taken by the world body.
The only hope for teams here is the FIH studies the daily medical reports.
"I take instructions from FIH so, it will be up to them to decide on this matter," said Isberg.