Monday, March 26, 2007

Nurul back in the Games saddle


KUALA LUMPUR Commonwealth Games gold medallist Nurul Hudda Baharin
equalled her air rifle national record at the Tun Tan Siew Sin trophy
yesterday to signal her intention of making the 2002 Manchester
Commonwealth Games squad.
Shooting at the the National Shooting Range in Subang, Nurul fired 394
points in the classification rounds and in the Grand Final, she fired
another 99.1 points for a total of 493.1 for the gold.
Her previous record of 394 was done at the '98 Commonwealth Games at the
Langkawi Shooting Range.
In the SportExcel-NSC-NSAM tournament, Nur Suryani Mohamed Talib of
Penang equalled the National Juniors air rifle record when she shot 391
points. The previous mark of 391 points was shot by Nina Ismawati of
Selangor in 1999.
Her effort, combined with the scores of Rohayu Nayan (386) and Nur Husna
Sharuddin (384) cracked the national juniors air rifle team record with a
total of 1,161 points. The previous 1998 mark of 1,159 belonged to
Selangor shooters Noormimi Jailani, Lim Mi Mi and Mashita Ramli.
"After the Sea Games, where she also won a gold medal in the event,
Nurul continued training and today (yesterday) she fired her best round
since the '98 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games," said National Shooting
Association of Malaysia executive secretary Mej Jasni Shaari yesterday.
The Tun Tan Siew Sin Trophy is part of the selection process for the
2002 Commonwealth Games and also the Asian Games in Pusan.
"We have started preparing the shooters for the Commonwealth and the
Asian Games because Malaysia want to make an impact at the international
"Their next tournament will be the Tun Haniff Trophy on Dec 27-30 and
next year we have another three local tournaments which will be part of
the selection process," said Jasni.
A total of RM500,000 will be needed to prepare the shooters for the
Asian and Commonwelath Games.
TUN TAN SIEW SIN TROPHY RESULTS: Men's rapid fire pistol - 1 Mohamed
Firdaus Rahim (Pahang) 656.3 points, 2 Hasli Izwan Amin (Penang) 650.1, 3
Nicholas Aw Kai Fong (Selangor) 646.0.
Rapid Fire Pistol Team: 1 Kelantan - Ong Ho Sheng (548), Ahmad Faiz Azmi
(537), Mohamed Saipuddin (529); 2 Penang - Hasli Izwan Amin (560), Hafiz
Adzha (512), A. Rajini Kumar (483); 3 Pahang - Mohamed Firdaus (562),
Mohamed Khalis (484), Syamsudin Sukemi (476).
Small Bore Free Rifle Prone: 1 Mohamed Sabiki (Armed Forces) 688.0, 2
Mohamed Emran Zakaria (Armed Forces) 683.9, 3 Khairulnizam Sidek
(Kelantan) 683.6.
Small Bore Free Rifle Prone Team: 1 Armed Forces - Mohamed Sabiki (586),
Mohamed Emran Zakaria (583), Ismail Diran (580); 2 Kelantan - Khairulnizam
Sidek (587), 2 Mohamed Zainul Akmal (579), Asri Mohamed (572), 3 Selangor
- Wang Weng Chuen (582), Ivan Jayavenkatesh Rao (580), Ong Poh Teck (562).
Free Pistol Individual: 1 Mohamed Hashim Desa (Police) 619.8, 2
Baharuddin Hashim (Kelantan) 602.0, 3 Mohamed Syahrul (KMPP) 600.2.
Free Pistol Team: Police - Mohamed Hashim Desa (527), Marzuki Man (512),
Darham Azli (485); 2 Kelantan - Baharuddin Hashim (517), Zakaria Ishak
(487), Wan Abdul Rahman (484); 3 Selangor - Leong Jia Chyuan (511), Mark
Seng (497), Nazri Sulaiman (469).
Women's Individual Air Rifle - 1 Nurul Hudda Baharin (police) 493.1 pts,
2 Ann Chiew (Police) 490.7, 3 Noriha Abdul Rani (Armed Forces) 490.7.
Team Air Rifle: 1 Police - Nurul Hudda Baharin (394 points), Ann Chiew
(390), Asmayuzy Mat Amin (381); 2 Penang - Nur Suryani Taibi (391), Rohayu
Nayan (386), Nur Husna Sharuddin (384); 2 Armed Forces - Noriha Abdul Rani
(389), Norzalini Shafie (384), Masniza Maizan (365).
SPORTEXCEL-NSC-NSAM RESULTS: Men's Rapid Fire Pistol - 1 Mohamed Firdaus
Rahim (Pahang) 562, 2 Nicholas Aw Kai Fong (Selangor) 558, 3 Ong Ho Sheng
(Kelantan) 548.
Small Bore Free Rifle Prone Individual: 1 Khairulnizam Sidek (Kelantan)
587, 2 Wang Wen Chuen (Selangor) 582, 3 Ivan Jayavenkatesh (Selangor) 580.
Small Bore Free Rifle Prone Team: 1 Kelantan - Khairulnizam Sidek,
Mohamed Zainul, Asri Mohamed; 2 Selangor - Wang Wen Chuen, Ivan
Jayavenkatesh, Ong Poh Teck; 3 Pahang - Mohamed Suhaimi, Mohamed
Badlishah, Mohamed Azani.
Free Pistol: 1 Mohamed Syahrul (KMPP) 515, 2 Leong Jia Chyuan (Selangor)
511, 3 Syamsudin Sukemi (Pahang) 500.
Free Pistol Team: 1 Pahang - Syamsudin Sukemi, Mohamed Firdaus, Ahmad
Azahid; 2 Sarawak - Bibit Nyoged, Joshua Kai, Mushaldi Saruji; 3 Selangor
- Leong Jia Chyuan, Nicholas Aw Kai Foong, Noor Harizan Khuri.
Women's Air Rifle Individual - 1 Nur Suryani Taibi (Penang) 391, 2 Goh
Lyk Chwuen (KMPP) 386, 3 Mashita Ramli (Selangor) 386.
Air Rifle Team: 1 Penang - Nur Suryani Taibi, Rohayu Nayan, Nur Husna
Sharuddin, 2 Pahang - Norlita Omar, Siti Nurazreen Eliana, Norain Ibrahim,
3 KMPP - Goh Lyk Chwuen, Muslifah Zulkifli, Sharifah Shahida.